Dental Negligence

Dental Negligence claims can be pursued on a No Win No Fee basis.

Our Solicitors have many years experience of dealing with Medical and Dental Negligence claims on behalf of Clients 



What is Dental Negligence?

In essence, a dentist would be negligent if they provided you with treatment that fell below the minimum standard of care or skill. The dentist is therefore judged by the standard of the average competent dentist. You will need to show that the dentist did not exercise the professional standard set by the British Dental Association and/or the Dental Practice Board.

Having established that a breach of duty has occurred, i.e. the dentist has acted (or failed to act) in a way which was substandard, the Claimant must prove that the breach of duty caused 'damage'. The burden of proof lies with the Claimant to prove his or her claim and the Claimant will need to prove his or her case 'upon the balance of probabilities' i.e. a greater than 50% chance.


If you believe you have suffered dental negligence, contact our team of legal experts today, who may be able to help you recover damages for the pain and loss suffered. 

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