Writing a Will and ensuring it is kept up to date is the best way to make sure your family and dependents experience the least amount of problems in the event of your death.

By making a Will you can you be confident that your estate benefits those you want to it too, such as your family and friends. If you have children under 18, the appointment of a guardian to care for them is also highly recommended.

A Will also enables you to leave specific items to people, for example, a special item of jewellery or even a specific amount of money to a family member, friend or charity. If you have special wishes for a burial or cremation, your Will is the safest way of recording them otherwise your Executors will be left to make the decision without knowing what you had wanted.

A Will is a key element in financial and tax planning. Arranging your affairs properly in your Will can substantially mitigate your Inheritance Tax liability and ease the burden on your family.

If you own your own business a Will can ensure a smooth transition of its ownership or sale after your death – this is vital in ensuring its continued success in the hands of its successors.

A regular review of your Will is essential if it is to properly take account of and address all the issues relevant to your estate and changing tax legislation.


Same Day Will Service


We now offer a same day service with the Wills, as long as they are relatively straightforward, this means that you can see a Will Writer to give your instructions and you will then be able to sign the final Will within the same appointment. By providing this service we hope that it will take some of the worries away from you as you will no longer be concerned about how long your Will is going to take to be finalised. It is also important for people who are about to go on holiday and have only remembered to write a Will at the last minute. This service will enable you to prepare and sign your Will so that you can go on holiday knowing you have everything in place.


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